Friday, 15 January 2010


Sorry for not having posted much this week - was mired down by revisions (thankfully few) for the book I've just finished.  It features a gorgeous hero called Giancarlo Vellutini - who I grew to like so much that I'm reluctant to let him go.

So I'm off to my favourite city - primarily for a birthday party, but also to garner a little inspiration along the way.  It's where this photo was taken - can you guess which city it is?

And what about this giant skull covered with butterflies?  If I asked you to tell me about it in a single sentence - what would that sentence be?
I'll send a signed book to the person who comes up with the best definition.
A bientot,


  1. Oooh Sharon, you're off to Paris! Lucky old you--have fun!

    I'm cheating just un peu here (the internet is a wonderful thing) and pinching the sculptor's own thoughts:

    It is an illustration of man's ability to create beauty transcending death.

    Ooer tres arty. Not sure it conjures up a dirty great skull adorned with carrion butterflies but still, eat your heart out Damian Hirst!

    Lots of love,

    Rach (deeply in need of a freebie...)

  2. Wonderful monument and - as Rachel said - the sculptor succeeded in mixing something beautiful with the shadow of death.

    My own sentence:
    "It'll be sweet sinking towards death if I'm flying light and free on a butterfly's wings - and I'll land on places of love and peace".

  3. Is it Arbroath? And if I am right, what is my prize?!

  4. Somehow the sentence "he traced butterfly soft fingers over the delicate lines of her cheek and scalp" just didn't quite work for this particular scenario... Take care. Caroline x (aspiring romance writer -lol!)

  5. Devoid of actual meaning,'Les Quatre Papillons' ('The Four Escaped Convicts')is designed to arouse the curiosity of La Touriste Anglaise so much that she rushes forward to examine it without spotting the enormous pile of carefully positioned dog poo, into which she steps with both feet, her reaction caught on CCTV and posted on the 'Revanche-Agincourt' web site.

  6. Ohhh I like Michael's one! I'm still chuckling as I type this! Caroline x

  7. Michael's is brilliant!

    Just finished The Italian Billionaire's Secretary Mistress.....I can see why it made the USA Today Bestseller List! Congrats!

  8. When the sitcom roles dried up, a jaded Wendy Craig turned to sculpting ...

  9. Hope you had a good trip Sharon.

    My sentence - Death is not an end, but a passing to a better place on butterfly wings.

  10. 'Beauty'flies and the gritting Skull captured in chalk, not really a sentence but the thought that came to mind.