Friday, 22 January 2010


In Paris.

Which is why the giant Christmas tree is twinkling outside the Notre Dame Cathedral.

And why the crib is inside....attracting lots of awe-struck people.

And also, why I found myself wearing a crown - to brighten up the grey January day - along with Michele, Patrice et Monsieur Cabaret!
We were celebrating LA GALETTE DE ROIS  
(Have you ever found a feve in your Galette?)
Sigh. I miss the city already.....

Meanwhile, there is still time for you to enter the  WHAT CAN IT MEAN? competition.  I'll let you know who the winner is on Monday.....and tell you some more of my Parisian adventures - including finding some pieces of sculpture which were just so BEAUTIFUL.


  1. C'est un gateau délicieux! I also ate it once - not in Paris, but at a "France theme" party organized by a friend of mine.

    J'ai trouvé la feve cachée dans la galette et j'étais roi de la journée... French traditions are so imaginative!

    Wonderful photos, I'm glad to know you had a great time.

  2. So you don't have something in similar to the Galette in Italy, Michela? And is it still Christmas in Naples?

  3. No, Sharon - we don't have a similar dessert here in Naples, though the tradition of the little bean hidden in the galette is a custom taken from the "Saturnalia" in the Roman Empire.

    We have a different tradition here, also important - San Gennaro (or also St. John or Saint Januarius) is a martyr saint whose feast is celebrated on September 19.
    San Gennaro is the patron of Naples, where faithful gather three times a year to witness the alleged liquefaction of a sample of his blood kept in a sealed glass ampoule.

    Thousands of people assemble to witness this event in the cathedral of Naples,(Duomo di Napoli), three times a year: on September 19 (Saint Januarius day, to commemorate his martyrdom), on December 16 (to celebrate his patronage of both Naples and of the archdiocese), and on the Saturday before the first Sunday of May (to commemorate the reunification of his relics).

    When its blood doesn't liquefy it's not a good sign because misfortunes will befall on Naples. During past years there were earthquakes or other calamities - when the miracle didn't happen.

    Unfortunately, it's not Christmas anymore here...*sigh* but I still keep Christmas coloured and shiny lights in my room... I love them!