Wednesday, 6 January 2010


This is the view from my room this morning after a night of relentless and glorious snowfall.


And very different from the sight that greeted me back in September

Yet it's the same view.

It made me think about my characters - about how two people can look at the same situation and interpret it in completely opposing ways.  Because what we see and what we feel is related to our own unique experience of life.  

Today I shall be out crunching through the virgin whiteness (if all the sledges haven't got there first) - and imagining when my heroine might find herself out in the silent stillness of a winter's day.....

Do you love the white stuff, too?  I'm aware that some readers live in places where it never falls (Naples!) - so what is the delightful equivalent of snow where you live?


  1. ...Each reference is purely coincidental? LoL -
    I love white stuff... snow, wedding dresses, the white hues of Greece - but my delightful equivalent of snow is the double S (Sun & Sea).

    Fortunately we're well provided with this - and another famous saying (yes, I know them all!) about my hometown is "Napoli ha tre cose belle: il mare, il Vesuvio e le sfogliatelle",(did you notice the rhyme?) that's to say "Napoli has got three beautiful things: the sea, the Vesuvio and... (google the last one!) - Keyword is "Sfogliatella napoletana".

  2. Alas, my virginity has gone. It's nothing but slush now! I shall make myself and my brother some of the nursery food I adore. Spam fritters! What is your favourite food in the snow, Sharon?

  3. Can I ask your professional opinion, Sharon? What do you think of Iris Robinson? I agree with many of her moderate views, and can't understand why people dislike her so? Yours, bemusedly.

  4. Michela - that dessert looks SCRUMPTUOUS - and so good that I might just post a link to it!

  5. It may not be pertinent to discuss politics on this site, Bill - but I happen to think the woman is an unashamed hypocrite.