Tuesday, 5 January 2010


This will be the last time......
That I will probably ever legitimately hold a bunch of fragrant blooms while gazing so winsomely at the camera!  
So forgive me if I print this one last photo from Heather's wedding.....and give a big (virtual) bouquet to clever Carol Ferris who designed all the flowers.

Is there anything (like putting your hair in pig-tails or sporting a thigh-skimming pelmet of a skirt) that you don't think YOU will do again?


  1. Hi Sharon

    Happy New Year! You do look rather lovely in that phot - 'winsome' suits you! I suspect that the pelmet skirt is something I'll not do again but right now I'm more of the mind that finishing this current book is not something I'll manage - at least not very soon!

  2. How lovely to see you here, Kate.
    Good luck with your deadline (which you always make - even though you have to sweat blood and tears in order to deliver!).
    I'm just about to start my latest....

  3. I thought I would have never worn a sailor suit again - though it's been my ordinary suit for a year - but I think I will have to, again.

    Just trying to take a navigation license to become a purser - so I think I will be a sailor dressed in white again!

  4. Were you in the Italian navy, Michela?

  5. Yes Sharon, I was.

  6. Lovely photo Sharon. If there is one item of clothing that I *know* I'll never wear again, then it has to be leggings. When I did wear them in the '80's I just about managed to get away with them. Today? Never in a month of Sundays! If I attempted them today then I can imagine the comments already. Something like: "Why do you have several small puppies fighting to get out of your bottom?" I kid you not! Take care. Caroline x